Caris Molecular Intelligence tumour profiling services help to individualise treatment selection for cancer patients

Caris Molecular Intelligence™ is an evidence-guided tumour profiling service, which aims to help physicians select the best available therapy for each patient. It examines a broad range of established biomarkers using the best available technologies and with the help of a proprietary database, associates drugs that are more or less likely to benefit each individual patient. Using the MI Profile™ report, physicians are able to more easily translate the results from published clinical studies into individualised treatment plans.

Since 2005, Caris Molecular Intelligence has helped more than 6,000 physicians in 58 countries worldwide, to manage therapeutic dilemmas for over 60,000 cancer patients with 150 different histology subtypes.

Read here about which patients are most suitable for tumour profiling, the Molecular Intelligence process and available profiling options.

Download a sample report to learn more about how Caris Molecular Intelligence results can help to inform treatment decisions.

For further details about sample requirements, laboratory processes, reimbursement and evidence proving the utility of molecular profiling, contact us.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the potential clinical benefits of Caris Molecular Intelligence? 

Molecular Intelligence helps to build an individualised treatment plan when therapeutic ambiguities exist in patients with unresectable primary tumours or metastatic disease.


Caris Molecular Intelligence allows physicians to:

• Navigate among therapies with potential benefit

• Identify therapies which may not have been considered

• Determine drugs with potential lack of benefit

Which patients may be suitable for Caris Molecular Intelligence™?

Although Caris Molecular Intelligence is available for all solid tumours, including cancers of unknown primary, it is especially helpful when treating:

Rare tumours with limited prospective data to support  treatment decisions, e.g.
• Sarcomas
• Gliomas

Aggressive and Refractory Disease where there is limited time to select effective therapy, e.g.
• Melanoma
• Ovarian cancer
• Pancreatic cancer
• Triple Negative Breast Cancer

When Standard Treatment Options Have Failed and the patient maintains good performance status, but there is no guideline to support further treatment


What profiling options does Caris Molecular Intelligence provide?

Physicians can order Caris services to suit the needs of the individual patient.

MI Profile™

Multi-platform, solid tumour biomarker analysis for therapeutic decision support and clinical trials matching, includes next generation sequencing (NGS).

Single Test Orders

All of our biomarker tests, including the 45 gene NGS cancer panel, may be ordered individually.

MI Profile™ Panels for solid tumours

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Next generation sequencing panel


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The Caris Molecular Intelligence Process

Caris Molecular Intelligence combines a thorough and accurate analysis of the biomarker profile of a patient’s tumour with extensive clinical literature review to inform treatment choices when standard treatment is not an option.


How are Caris Molecular Intelligence results reported?

The ordering physician will receive all results in a clinically actionable report, called the MI Profile™ Report. The first page provides a summary of relevant therapies with potential benefit and potential lack of benefit, as well as associated clinical trials. Subsequent pages provide more in-depth results and analysis based on the biomarker results and published clinical literature. Finally, the report describes the levels of evidence associated with each identified therapeutic agent and provides a bibliography of published research relevant to each biomarker and therapy, as well as the full results of all biomarker tests performed.
Download a sample report

How do I order Caris Molecular Intelligence for my patient?

The following items are required for Caris Molecular Intelligence evidence-guided tumour profiling:

• Completed requisition form signed by the ordering physician.
• Most recent clinical history or patient notes if available.
• Pathology report corresponding to the specimen submitted for profiling. Please check the sample identification number match.
• An agreed method of payment is required before testing starts.

Caris Molecular Intelligence is available to purchase privately in all European markets. Individual insurance companies, clinics and other organisations is most countries have agreed to pay for the service on application.

Please ask our customer services staff for information on how to apply for payment.
• A malignant tumour specimen. As tumour biomarkers can change over time and with treatment, we recommend analysis on recently collected specimen.

Download ordering information here.


Where can I get additional information? 

If you have further questions about Caris Life Sciences or Caris Molecular Intelligence, please call or e-mail our Customer Services team at +800 12 12 3030 or, or visit our website at

Molecular Intelligence™ Service, from Caris Life Sciences®, provides evidence-based tumour information that associates biomarker status to agents with potential clinical benefit or potential lack of clinical benefit. Agents associated with clinical benefit are presented based on NCCN Compendium™ inclusion, relevance of tumour type, level of published evidence and strength of biomarker expression. Report information must be considered in conjunction with all other relevant information in respect of a given patient before determining the appropriate course of treatment. The selection of agents for re-treatment from prior chemotherapy regimens lies with the treating physician and must be done with careful consideration. Caris Molecular Intelligence Service was developed and its performance characteristics were determined by Caris Life Sciences, a medical laboratory CLIA-certified in compliance with the U.S. Clinical Laboratory Amendment Act of 1988 and all relevant U.S. state regulations. Caris Molecular Intelligence Service has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.